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Baking Powder Market Driven by Increasing Consumption of Fast Foods at a CAGR of 5.3%


A recent study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) forecasts that the global baking powder market will grow at a CAGR of 5.3% between 2013 and 2019. TMR, a market intelligence company based in the United States says, the global baking powder market will value US$ 3.36 billion by 2019 from US$ 2.35 billion in 2012. The report titled ‘Baking Powder Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019’ is available for sale on the website.

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According to this market research report, one of the main factors fuelling the global baking powder market is the expanding food and fast food market. Increasing consumption of baked products has a direct impact on the performance of the global baking powder market. Baking powder refers to a leavening agent that is used extensively in baked food items. Baking powder comprises acid, filler, and base. It mostly consists of neutral stabilizer such as potato or perhaps corn starch. The food industry uses baking powder as a raising component. The main purpose of using baking powder is to ensure the fluffiness and lightness of products such as waffles, cakes, tarts, pastries, etc.

The TMR report segments the global baking powder market on the basis of product and geography. What defines a certain variant of baking powder is the level of acid salt contained in it. The most widely used baking powders are made of weak acids such as monocalcium phosphate (MCP) and sodium aluminum sulfate (SAS). Double action baking powders are those that contain fast and slow acids, whereas single action baking powders refer to those that contain only one type of acid which is either fast or slow. Based on type of product, the global baking powder market is segmented into tartrate, phosphate, aluminum free, anhydrous phosphate, phosphate free, sodium aluminum sulfate phosphate, and others. In 2012, the tartar-based segment held the highest share of 30.4% in the overall baking powder market. Also, this segment is anticipated to lead the global baking powder market during the forecast period. The increasing demand for tartar based baking powder can be attributed to greater preference for healthy bakery foods.

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Geographically, this market study segments the global baking powder market into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Rest of the World. Europe and Asia Pacific collectively hold a market share of almost 65% in the global baking powder market. In 2012, the baking powder market was led by the Asia Pacific market. Rapidly growing population in urban regions and the growing fast food consumption culture are the two main factors driving this market. The threat of substitutes is a major market restraint in the overall market for baking powder. The main market players in the global baking powder market studied in this research report are Kraft Foods Group Inc., The New England Cupboard, AB Mauri, Kudos Blends Limited, Ward McKenzie Pty Ltd., Blue Bird Foods India Pvt. Ltd., Weikfield Products Private Limited, Hansells Food Group Limited, Eagle International, Caravan Ingredients, Inc., Clabber Girl Corporation, and ACH Food Companies Inc.

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Make Cooking and Baking Easier with These Kitchen Supplies


When you love to cook and bake, you probably know that although cooking and baking can be fun, and although the treats you make can be scrumptious, baking itself can be a difficult task because of all of the elements that are involved. Fortunately, with a few great accessories, you can make cooking and baking easy and fun again. There are plenty of ways that you can make cooking and baking easier, and having the right accessories is definitely something that you should do.

There are several different types of accessories that are important to have when you are cooking and baking. A good set of bowls is a great place to start. These should be glass bowls, so that they can be used in the microwave and for mixing. Good mixing bowls should be several different sizes, and if you can find ones that have lids, you will have even more luck with them. Next, you will need a set of baking pans. Again, glass works well because they are transferable, but you can also get a set of metal baking pans. For cooking, you will need at least two skillets of different sizes and at least two pots of different sizes as well.

Once you have the bowls, pans, skillets and pots, you need to move onto the items that you will use to create, mix, and stir food. Several wooden spoons, a good flat spatula, and a whisk are important elements. Also, you will need measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a knife, at least one good one, to do your cooking with.

These are the bare basics of items that you should have in your cupboard and drawers to make cooking and baking easier for you. However, there are some other things that you will want to consider as you are cooking. Something that is good to have is a selection of items to keep and store food with, and to use in cooking. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, zipping sandwich bags, and wax paper will come in handy and be used often. An assortment of flower will be needed as well, and a non-stick cooking spray to use when you are baking and cooking. Don’t forget that you will also need to have an excellent selection of things to actually cook with!

To start a kitchen, and to make baking and cooking much easier, you’ll want to begin with a basic set of spices. Spices make food taste better, and aid in all of your cooking and baking. Some good ones to have on hand include oregano and basil, but there are many others, such as rosemary, sage, and red pepper. Curry is another favorite, along with turmeric and other spicy spices you’ll enjoy. The best way to get a good selection of spices is to start with a pre-filled spice rake of your very own. Then, as you cook more frequently and make more interesting things, you can add to the types of things you are keeping in your spice rack.

There are some other things that you should always have on hand when cooking and baking. These include vegetable oil, shortening, vinegar, and salt and pepper. For baking, basic flavors like vanilla are useful, as is baking powder, baking soda, and self-rising yeast. If you stock your cupboards with these things, you’ll have an excellent time cooking and baking.

Perhaps the most overlooked accessories for baking include the things that you actually use to cook and bake with. You might not have a choice over the type of stove and oven you have, but you can buy things like toaster ovens, blenders, vegetable choppers, and electric mixers to help you make cooking and baking easier and more fun. Also, you might want to consider a flat skillet for cooking things like pancakes and grilled cheese.

Perhaps the most important accessory that you are going to need to make cooking and baking easier is simple: space. Many people overlook this when they are putting their kitchens together and end up crowding their countertops with just too much stuff. This leads to big problems because it means that there just is not room to actually cook. When you are cooking, you need counter space, to chop vegetables, or to lay out ingredients for something you are baking. You’ll need room to cut things, separate things, and mix things. Also, you will need space to put things when they are finished, in order to cool. Therefore, when you are planning on ways to make your cooking and baking easier, don’t forget that something you will always need is going to be space.

How To Invest On Your Baking Ideas


Baking is a past time and hobby loved by many. It can be a happy past time or a lucrative, money making hobby. Baking is also a hobby and past time that can be a bonding activity between parents and kids or between friends. Baking can easily be learned and taught. There are many self help baking books in the bookstores and many step by step articles on the World Wide Web. Baking books with recipes usually provide a step by step guide on how to do certain things related to baking like making icing, separating the egg white and egg yolk, etc. There are so many different baking ideas to choose from and here is a quick over view of what you can make.

One of the best baking ideas is to make cookies. This is also one of the easiest to do. Just look for a good and easy to do cookie batter recipe and select the flavor of cookies that you would like to do. You can make a big base cookie batter and separate it into different batches and add the flavor you like. You can make chocolate chip, white chocolate with macadamia nuts, peanut butter, m&m’s, oatmeal or whatever kind of cookies you like. All you have to do is arrange them on a baking tray and put them in the oven. You can also be creative and make different sizes and shapes of cookies by using cookie cutters. Take note of how you want the cookies to come out: soft and moist or hard and dry.

Another baking idea is to make cakes. You can create the cakes you bring to a birthday party or you can gift friends’ with cakes on their special day. You just have to find out what type of cake they like and make sure to follow what they like about the cake: the rich chocolate icing or the not so sweet dark chocolate center. You can scan the web for different cake recipes and for tips on how to make the best cake. You can also put more time into the cake and tap your creative side by decorating the cake.

Another baking idea is to make baked goodies that are low in sugar or that contain sugar substitutes and are low fat too. A handful of people are diabetic and many are watching their diet. You can make sure you include them when making your baked goods by using substitutes or by limiting the amount of sugar used. Just look for items you can substitute with healthier goodies and you’re good to go.

How To Find The Joy Back In Baking? Have you ever craved for a specific kind of cake and didn’t know where to find it? Have you gotten out of bed in the middle of the night in search for cookies and milk? Why not just try to discover the joy of baking and make yourself cookies and cakes. Freshly baked cookies and freshly baked cakes will always taste much better than those bought in a store. Learn to bake and discover the joy of baking and you just might find a new and delicious hobby.

Baking is a way of cooking food using dry heat in an oven. This way of cooking is usually used to make different types of pastries like cakes, cookies and bread. Baking can be used to cook healthier food like baked chicken, baked potatoes, casseroles and different baked pastas. It’s a healthier way to cook because no oil is needed when cooking.

Baking is easy to learn and easy to start. All you need is the drive to really want to learn how to bake and the patience to sit down and study it. You have a few different options if you decide you already want to learn. You can enroll in a cooking class that focuses on baking, buy books about baking with recipes in them, search online and find a step by step guide or better yet, ask a good friend to teach you the basics of baking. Learning to bake is an easy, fun and delicious experience because you get to eat your creations.

Once you know how to bake you can start giving your baked goodies to friends. These goodies can serve as gifts during special occasions and just as surprise gifts. People always appreciate handmade gifts more than store bought ones. Baking can turn into a hobby, past time or passion that you love to do.

Baking can also turn into a lucrative business. Many good bakers start selling their products. These baking business usually start small with just family and friends ordering but it can later expand and maybe turn into a store. A lot of bakers these days post what they bake online and start promoting their products. Pictures of baked goodies can be found online and many bakers and bakeries have their own websites to take orders and showcase their wares. Making baking a business is one of the best examples of doing what you love.