An Introduction to the Delicious World of Fancy Fortune Cookies


Fortune cookies are a type of dessert that is often seen in Asian cultures, typically the Chinese cultures. Fortune cookies are usually given as a dessert after the meal has been completed and the food has been eaten. The cookies are small and sweet, and most often flavored with vanilla or almond. They are called fortune cookies because they are hard packed, and they are also hollow. In the hollow part of the cookie, there is a small slip of paper that has a message on it. The message is the fortune. Many people enjoy eating fancy fortune cookies because they are able to read their fortunes and see what will happen in their lives.

With fortune cookies, there are several different types of fortunes that a person might get ( ). They might get a prediction fortune, which tells them what they should be doing in their lives, or which tells them what they might want to consider doing. These prediction fortunes in the fortune cookies are intended to help show a person what is going to be coming in their lives.

There are also message fortune cookies that have fortunes that talk about things that have already happened or that are happening. When a person gets one of these message fortune cookies, they are supposed to spend a bit of time reflecting on the message that the fortune cookie has given them. The message is supposed to be something that is important to them, or something that they may be responsible for learning.

With either the prediction fortune cookies, or the message fortune cookies, it is a good idea to read your fortune carefully and then think about what it applies to in your life. There are a number of different things that you can think about when you are trying to decide what your fortune is all about. Perhaps there it contains some information about your life, or about some question that you have been trying to answer. Either way, these are ideas that are going to be resolved by your fortune cookie, which will give you some good clues about what to think or do. Sometimes, there are also numbers that are included with the fortunes in the fortune cookies, and these could be considered to be lucky numbers for you. Many people purchase lottery tickets based upon these lucky numbers.

A recent addition to the world of fortune cookies is the custom fortune cookie. Custom fortune cookies are fortune cookies that you can put your own sayings into. One fortune cookie company, Fancy Fortune Cookies ( ) offers custom fortune cookies in special flavors and colors – even chocolate dipped. With custom fortune cookies you can determine what message your friends, family, coworkers or even clients will read when they open their fortune cookies.

Fortune cookies can be the end to a great meal, or they can be just the beginning to some wonderful ideas about what your fortune is. Either way, they are an excellent tradition that you and your family and friends will be sure to enjoy for quite some time to come.

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