Kitchen Appliances – Quieter, Greener, and Cleverer Than Before

Kitchen Appliances

Boring white lumps have been replaced with modern stylish designs, many kitchen appliances can also be integrated into the design of your kitchen. But the changes are not just on the outside there have been many changes in the way the kitchen appliances operate. One of the biggest changes has come in how energy efficient they are, mainly forced on the manufacturers by legislation. This is due to the energy shortage that is surrounding us and of course the rising cost of energy that most people are beginning to feel at the moment.

Energy efficiency levels in our kitchen appliances is not the only reason for change the way that kitchen appliances function has also become far more efficient. This can only be a good thing for the consumer, as your clothes will be cleaner, your dishes are washed quicker, and gone are the days of having to spend days defrosting a fridge, Kitchen appliance are simply getting better and better. Of course there have also been changes to the noise levels that your kitchen appliances make after all at one time you wouldn’t want to be in the same room while the washer or drier was on!

So how can I tell how energy efficient kitchen appliances are?

The need for more efficient kitchen appliances has lead to a rating system being introduced to help people know what they can expect. In the UK kitchen appliances are rated by letter from A to F with A being the the most efficient. This efficiency rating does not just cover kitchen appliances it is also extended to the heating system within your home. However, these ratings are not flawless. They do not take into consideration noise levels, they only measure energy usage of kitchen appliances.

Depending on which part of the world you are living in you will see differing ways of let you know how efficient the kitchen appliances are. Of course if you are unsure what they really mean then ask in the store and someone will be able to tell you.

Energy efficiency in kitchen appliances has improved enormously so much so that it is said you could save a considerable amount of money let alone all the other advantages like lower noise levels, easier use.

What does the future hold for kitchen appliances?

Interaction with our kitchen appliances will be a development we will see in the very near future. Controlling your appliances from virtually anywhere in the word with the use of a mobile phone. Not Convinced yet? well the recent developments with smart phones means that it will not just be kitchen appliances that will benefit, pretty much any appliance has the capability to be controlled remotely.

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